Koso Boro Enzyme Bath

Koso Boro enzyme bath originated almost by accident in the 1950’s by fermentation scientists working with beverages enzyme activity and subsequent baths gained fame in 1972 when the bath was built in the Sapporo Olympic Village for overseas athletes.  Now alongside the ancient onsen bathing tradition there are spas throughout the country that offer similar immersion from geranium to salt and bedrock baths.  

The concept essentially involves surrounding the body in 40 degrees Celsius heated wood material.  Though termed an enzyme bath (‘kouso buro’ in Japanese), the enzyme bath is an immersion in what looks like brown sand.  In Japan the bath is typically comprised of finely shaved Hinoki tree chips and enzyme extracted from up to 110 kinds of plants.  Through fermentation a natural source of heat is generated when the organic materials are mixed together.

Covered from chin to toe enzyme baths are ideally taken in 15-20 minute segments.  Sometimes an enzymatic beverage accompanies the treatment.  Some spas also have pre and post bath rooms that are charged with negative ions and the tell-tale scent of the organic bath mixture.

Enzymes are essential for good health, but apparently many of us suffer from an enzyme deficiency. Similar to the ritual of sauna the heat generated by the bath stimulates perspiration allowing the body to naturally discharge waste product.  Similarly the pores of the skin are open to absorb the enzymes, vitamin rich organic matter as well as stimulate the body’s natural healing response stimulating metabolism and boosting immune function.

Internal enzymes often tend to be heavily retarded by mental and physical stress, chemicals, excessive drinking, poor diet, smoking and pollution. With aging the body’s ability to absorb enzymes declines.  Moreover, minerals contained in food are often minimal due to excessive use of agrichemicals, which kills bacteria in the soil, and artificially synthesized fertilizers, and refinery through production of processed food. As a result the world’s population is experiencing immunodeficiency / immune deficiency that is otherwise unexplained.

The koso boro is effective for chronic diseases, physical injury to the body such as athletic sprains and overuse. Furthermore, it is observed marvelously effective in rehabilitation after any surgical operation, promoting recovery and preventing infection or metastasis of cancer caused by weakened immunity.

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