Trending in Cosmetic Artistry

Trending in cosmetic artistry—things are changing fast. 

Injectibles are becoming much are natural.  Complimenting one’s natural look by starting earlier and doing less has quickly become the norm.  A treatment plan averaging 3 months or a membership plan have become very common.  Putting off treatment has become less common and highly discouraged. A smaller amount of Dysport, Sculptura or Juvaderm are being used to build volume, sculpt the neck, cheeks, mouth, hairline and temples.  The important thing is the skill of the injector.  Not all injectors are the same and it shows in their work.

Lifestyle Programming is much more prevalent now.  Nutritional awareness, sleeping enhancement, topical hormones, Reiki, acupuncture, probiotics taken internally and applied topically, mushroom supplementation.  Personal consultation has become absolutely essential to receive optimal results.

Pricing Price points have become much more reasonable for a client who wants regular treatment but has a more middle of the road budget.  Cosmetic artistry treatment schedules require consistent home care and professional care.  This has to be reasonably priced.

Natural Therapies Increasingly vitamin injections such as B-complex and B 12 are a common part of wellness care.  Customized IV cocktails are much more the norm. Vitamin K has become the star of the show in many ways as well.  Ingestible collagen, proteins, greens and a variety of oils such as Flax, Borage and Fish oils are more the norm in treating the whole person. Cosmetic artistry absolutely requires a healthy nutritional profile.

Aging Gracefully  With the trend moving away from traditional plastic surgery options, cosmetic artistry is clearly becoming a choice that is more affordable, less invasive and yet quite pleasing to the eye. Both professional spa treatments, homecare and an option that is more approachable to an aging population that want to look wonderful and natural.  A real revolution is happening with regard to how we choose to age.

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