Marriott Innovates Guest Experience

Marriott innovates guest experience in ways that will astonish guests.  First of all, why not check in at the bar.  This surely beats waiting in line at the front desk.  At the bar there is something always going on from tarot card reading to a deejay allows the guest to deejay a couple of songs.  The bar becomes a great space to be alone together.

Mixing guests with locals enriches the guest’s stay and encourages them to venture out of the hotel and experience the cultural nature of the neighborhood.  Similarly, allowing local artists to join in the hotel’s activities makes the guest’s experience all the richer.

Enabling personalization in how the guest uses the room is efficient and built for the guest’s preferences.  Guests primarily do things from bed so having USB ports, temperature controls and media access all from bed makes for a more relaxing stay.  The guest’s dining experience is no different. At every dining table and bar there is a button for the guest to push for any need: More food, beverages, your bill.  This button is unique to Marriott and is called a “Kallpod.”

Other enrichments is in the design of the room.  Instead of carpet they have wooden floors.  Furniture is lifted off the floor which gives the rooms a larger feel. New open closets for those guests who don’t want to live out of a suitcase. Making experiences unique from vintage photos in the elevator complete with red curtains to allowing each hotel to have its own brand that celebrates the individual nature and history of the hotel.

Providing a sense of wonder.  For instance, in New York Midtown, Marriott has partnered with Time Out to reinvent the virtual concierge experience. Guests enter an alcove containing a huge interactive projection while using menus allowing them to see a variety of local experiences.  Stores, restaurants, entertainment, fitness facilities. Using motion-sensor technology the guest can point and within minutes find what they are looking for.  As an added bonus if the guest covers one eye they receive a free drink at the bar.

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