Extreme Workouts

extreme-workoutExtreme workouts are trending–just in time for the New Year. At the eye of the fitness storm are stepmills. With the tag #stairmonster, believers in this mountainous machine brag about their workouts.  Different than the stairmasters of the 90’s, this new breed of climbing equipment is much more difficult because the stairs keep coming at a consistent height and rate.  Gone are the less difficult climbing machines that wait for your next step for the stair to descend and your foot to rise before offering another step-up.  Workouts can be measured in floors and guarantee a good sweat.

Plyometrics are making a comeback featuring short stints of jumping in between an aerobic and weight training workout. The cadence goes something like this:



  • Five Minute Workout
  • Weight Lifting
  • 5 Minute Run
  • 3 Minutes of Intense Plyometrics
  • 5 Minute Cardio

Mixing your fitness routine up is essential. If you have past injuries in the leg and glute area plyometrics may not be a wise go-to exercise.

Spinning can be intensified by choosing classes that really work the hills.  Of course, you can hide the resistance level if need be and slowly work up to a fast, intense ride. Wind-sprints or suicides are also ideal for raising the intensity and your heart rate within a brief window of time.

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